Watch us Compete on Space Off: Bachelor on a Budget


A few months ago, Stephanie and I competed on the hit design show, Space Off. Featured on The Design Network, Space Off gives two Furnitureland South design teams the chance to create the best space for the same client with only one day to get the job done.

Competing on Space Off was an incredible experience! It gave us the opportunity to inject our own personality and experience into the space. And when you work with more than 135 of the best design teams in the country, it can be quite a challenge to stay one step ahead of the competition

During this particular episode, we were tasked with transforming an urban loft into a multi-functional space for living, working and entertaining. The catch? Our bachelor client had a strict budget and we had only one day to complete this fabulous job. How did we do?  Check out the video below to see Stephanie and I in action!

space off bachlor on a budget