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NeNe Leaks Shops at Allen and James


What an incredible few weeks! In addition to having a rocking good time designing the patio and yard at the Junior League of High Point Spring Designers Showhouse, the other day, we had a fabulous client stop by—NeNe Leaks of the hit television series, Real Housewives of Atlanta.

NeNe was on the hunt for some fabulous furniture and accents for her new home and came to us for help selecting quality pieces. Patti and I had a wonderful time talking styles, colors, and textures with the stylish star. After shopping with her for a bit, it was clear that this Real Housewives of Atlanta diva has impeccable taste. She shopped some of our favorite lines, Christopher Guy, Marge Carson, John Richards, Swaim and Furnitureland South, to name a few.

We had an incredible time helping her pick out some new items for her new home and can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Remember, If you’re on the hunt for stylish furniture and interior design, be sure to stop by and see Patti and I.  At Allen & James, we’ve spent decades combining our passion for creating unique, interior spaces with clients’ desires for personal, “interior expression.”

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