Emily Chandler


I find inspiration in the colors and patterns of nature, the waves on the beach after high tide, the colors of seashells, patterns of leaves. I also find inspiration in the work of great designers and artists who stretch my imagination with new perspectives, let me see my own work in a new light, and convince me to try something new.

Deborah Rogers


I have always had a passion for all things design, merchandising, selling, and fashion. I love creating beautiful displays and making personal connections with people to better assist them with their vision for their home or a gift they are giving. I’m extremely proud to be part of the Allen and James team, and to welcome people to our warm, inviting boutique.

Janice Hughes


I love being part of a team that knows how to work hard and have fun. My role is to make sure all of our orders are accurate and on time – and keep clients informed of their progress – to ensure seamless delivery and a happy outcome for all!

Shannon Snipes

Store Manager and Buyer

I love helping people find something for their home that brings them joy or helping them find just the perfect gift for that special person. Our shop, The Sherrod, is a fun, one of a kind place filled with art, accessories, furniture, plants, and treats that give me almost endless opportunities to delight our guests and brighten their days.

Monique Kidd


I find design inspiration in the beautifully styled showrooms of High Point Market, in poring over samples of fabrics and wallpapers, and especially in our clients’ homes. That’s where I get a sense of how the client lives, and it’s where I encounter those architectural elements that set this home apart and spark the ideas for the design of the space.

Katherina Weddington

Catalyst Director

I am always honored to assist with someone’s private and personal space, their home. To hear from our clients that they love their new space and that it makes them feel good and comforted makes all the work worthwhile. I enjoy collaborating with this great team – they make every project exciting.

Pam Rogers

Master Gardener

I just love working with plants, everything about it. I love seeing things grow, getting my hands in the dirt, creating a beautiful mix of annuals and perennials, and seeing my perennials come back each year. After 30 years working with plants I was really excited to start something totally new at Fiddle Figs, and bring the joy of plants to Allen and James.

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