Living Large – High Point Furniture Mart


When considering small spaces don’t presume that it means small furniture. If your space has to accommodate a large group of people, approach the space with seating in mind and stretch your imagination as to what is really possible with your space!

  1. The following tips will help you make good choices with purchasing furniture for small spaces:
  2. If the room is a relaxation room, furnish it with large pieces that take up most of the space, offering lots of seating space and an uncluttered flow.
  3. Upholstered ottomans topped with a tray can become a coffee table and with the tray removed can offer more seating.
  4. Corner sofas in modular form allow for snug fits and utilize corners to maximize every inch of design space.
  5. Wall mounted lamps remove the need for additional tables or standard floor lamps.
  6. With a narrow dining room use a table that reflects the proportion of the room and allow for a minimum of three feet pull back space for your chairs.

Look for pieces that fit dead spaces and always check the dimensions of your room before buying each piece.

Allen and James specialize in creating livable and functional spaces that are beautifully designed with your style in mind. Let us help you plan your small space purchases and help you create the large feel you hope for.