You Are Entering A World Of
International Interior Design Services

While many may claim to work with “a world of customers”, Allen and James Interior Design at any given moment is actively engaged on a global scale. All across the United States and around the world, we are known for offering the highest quality American made furniture at the modest prices you can only find in furniture stores in High Point North Carolina. Our International Interior Design Services are so highly sought after because of several beneficial factors: our representation of more than 400 furniture brands at the best values; our constant research into the latest in international interiors and resources that empower our abilities to cater to any style for the international client and deliver turnkey solutions;

our ability to easily convert all metric plans and to handle large-scale projects; and the fact that we are able to call upon an international logistics department skilled in all facets of ordering, customs regulations and international shipping, including the ability to consolidate containers for added savings to our many clients, like those in Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai, Beijing, Istanbul, Canada, Bermuda, Ireland, Turks and Caicos, Germany, Panama, Italy, Hawaii, Alaska, Cabo San Lucas and many more. Below is a format for the popular “Shopping Tour” of High Point that we offer as part of our International Interior Design Services:

Pre-Visit Consultation

Furniture shopping in High Point with Patti Allen and Stephanie James begins with a pre-visit consultation - either in person, Skype, or by phone. We will review your project and discuss your home, its layout, your preferred furniture styles, and your budget. With this information in mind, we will start your furniture project.

High Point Trip Planning

Patti and Stephanie will make your visit to High Point as effortless, productive and enjoyable as possible. We have a concierge service to handle your travel arrangements. We offer shuttle service for clients. We can also recommend local hotels, restaurants and other activities, based on your preferences and budget

Allen and James Exceptional Service

Once you arrive in High Point, Patti and Stephanie will be your guides through the design showrooms in the furniture capital of the US. The first day of your shopping trip begins with a review of your floor plans, to confirm your needs. This can also be done during the pre-visit consultation. Then, it’s time to shop the world’s largest furniture store. We can walk you through the store,

containing 400 top brands of furniture, many brands that you have never seen. With so much available, a visit is guaranteed to match every style and budget. We have personal relationships with all the manufacturers to have the inside scoop on price, style and the latest trends. Bring your comfortable shoes!

Shipping Internationally

Once you return home, Allen and James’ International Team will contact you routinely with status updates. When all items are ready to ship, the team will notify you of the exact freight and insurance charges, update your account balance, and arrange the final wire transfer. Your new furniture will then be properly secured in crates, packed on a container and shipped to the appropriate port. With luxury furnishings you want the best team to deliver to your home, and Allen and James Interior Design has that team in place. Our team has over 30 years experience of successful deliveries to domestic and international homes.

Best of All

Allen and James Interior Design has earned the distinction of being the number one resource for home furnishings for customers worldwide, including a significant amount of work with clients in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, Bermuda, and Turks and Caicos to name a few. Our International Interior Design Services mission is to provide exceptional design services and home furnishings that you do not see in typical furniture stores. With the professional handling, excellent customer service, and a extensive import/export experience, our exceptional design team is unmatched in the industry.