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Design Philosophy

Patti and Stephanie live by simple words that guide their work from start to finish: “Be certain you’re right, then go ahead.” This straight forward, process-driven philosophy has led Allen & James across more than 25 years of successfully understanding and responding to clients’ expressed needs — because, no client wants a headstrong,
“know it all,” interior designer who only is willing to see — or sell — things his or her own way.

So, first, we listen and learn. We let the client tell us in her or his own words exactly what space or spaces are to be redone, what the lifestyle expectations are for each and what sorts of looks and styles are desired. After digesting all that input, we provide the client with our summary of what it is we believe we heard and show examples of the sorts of furnishings, window treatments, fabrics and accessories we believe reflect the reality of the client’s wishes.

From that, and always working collegially with our clients, we and they pursue the process of giving form and substance to what previously had only been a mental image. As appropriate and reasonable, we sometimes introduce new considerations – styles, colors, textures etc. – into the conversation to help our clients think outside the box. But, regardless of our own tastes and inclinations, we never — ever! – try to force our own perspectives onto our client. We are interior design guides, sourcing experts and helpers, but never dictators of what must or should be.

Even when considering small spaces, we encourage our clients not to presume that it means small furniture. We always say, “Even if your small space has to accommodate a large group of people, approach it with seating in mind and stretch your imagination to consider all possibilities.”

To that end, we always offer the following tips to help our clients make good choices for furniture in small spaces:

  • If the room is a relaxation room, furnish it with large pieces that take up most of the space, offering lots of
    seating space and an uncluttered flow.
  • Upholstered ottomans topped with a tray can become a coffee table and with the tray removed can offer
    more seating.
  • Corner sofas in modular form allow for snug fits and utilize corners to maximize every inch of design space.
  • Wall mounted lamps remove the need for additional tables or standard floor lamps.
  • With a narrow dining room, use a table that reflects the proportion of the room and allow for a minimum of three feet pull back space for your chairs.
  • Look for pieces that fit dead spaces and always check the dimensions of your room before buying each piece.

That’s just one example of how Allen & James helps you think inductively, not deductively, so that your design vision won’t feel trapped and limited by small spaces.

Our One-stop, Service With A Style Starts With Listening … To You!

At Allen & James, we’ve spent decades combining our passion for creating unique, interior spaces with clients’ desires for personal, “interior expression.” To do so, we access our global connections with more than 400 of the most renowned manufacturers. That empowers our abilities to make your interior design dreams come true with the broadest spectrum of options and design services. Creative “matchmaking” between your desires and a world of fresh colors, unique textures and statement furniture pieces is the exciting “art” in the art and science of interior design.

Allen and James is a full-service, interior design organization. We are ready and able to undertake and deliver on any aspect of your project, from design and specifications development to the total construction of a new home or location, reconstruction or partial build-outs. But, the essential “science” of aligning our creative capabilities with your conceptual vision for your home comes first.

  • Phase One of our time-proven process is … listening to you – In your home, office or even virtually via Skype or another online medium, we first spend time taking you through a detailed questionnaire. Our questions are designed to help you “dig deep” to express your general opinions about various furniture trends and your personal your needs for the room or rooms in your home to be redesigned. Those questions also seek to bring to the surface your more subtle wants for those spaces, all to help Allen & James accurately interpret and visualize your every expectation for your spaces
  • Phase Two, when concept begins to take form – Based on that Q&A session and your responses, Allen & James develops concept drawings for the design spaces, and then pulls visual examples for you from our international network of window treatments, furniture, rugs and accessories resources. That helps you and us to begin to see and hone in on the real possibilities and alternatives for the living spaces we’re designing for you.
  • Phase Three puts the plan to action – Once you and we are completely in sync as to the look to be achieved, pieces to be purchased etc., specifications development, ordering and production commence, culminating in the installation.

Allen & James Interior Design

Allen & James’ complete, one-stop offering of interior design services includes:

  • Space planning
  • Window treatments
  • Furniture, fabric & color palette selection
  • Discount savings of 40% on all furniture*
  • Material, finish selection
  • Paint consultation
  • Lighting design
  • Custom furniture design
  • Artwork and accessory consultation
  • Interior architectural design
  • Complete installation, including construction build-outs

Why Shop High Point

High Point, North Carolina is world renowned as the home of fabulous furniture and textiles, manufacturing; in fact, the city is sometimes referred to as the “Furniture Capital of the World.”

Each April and October, High Point becomes the global focal point for the furniture industry, when some 85,000 furnishing industry buyers descend upon High Point to see and purchase the latest products during the world’s largest home furnishings event, the High Point Market.

High Point is, almost literally, the center of the world for furniture manufacturing. The ready accessibility of virtually anything anyone could possible want in furniture, accessories, window treatment fabrics and colors and more make Allen & James’ High Point headquarters your ready portal to all the quality, excitement and possibilities that visionary interior design can offer.

From Baker to AspenHome, Elite Leather and more, come find out Why Shoping High Point can be so rewarding. Unmatched, as are Allen & James relationships with hundreds of manufacturers both for High Point Furniture and from around the world. Rely on Allen & James to help you find the most fabulous fashions from High Point Furniture resources and to help you blend your desires for everything from luxurious and relaxed, formal and livable into your new home décor. Rely on Allen & James to provide the highest quality interior design to match your tastes, needs and expectations for personal style expressed in your living spaces, and always at discounted pricing that will surprise and please you.


Around The World

While many may claim to work with “a world of customers;” Allen & James at any given moment is actively engaged in addressing the design requirements of a global stable of clients Around The US & Around The World. Allen & James the highest quality American made furniture with the great prices you can only find in High Point North Carolina, whether you are located Around The US & Around The World.

Our more than 25 years’ experience and documented successes working internationally are founded on Allen & James’:

  • Representation of more than 400 furniture brands at discount prices.
  • Passion for our work and our industry, which drive constant research into the latest in international interiors and resources that empowers our abilities to cater to any style for the international client and deliver turnkey solutions with:
    • Versatile window treatments
    • Creative paint selections
    • Abilities to easily convert all metric plans
    • Ability to handle large-scale projects

An international logistics department skilled in all facets of ordering, customs regulations and international shipping, including the ability to consolidate containers for added savings to our many clients Around The US & Around The World, including those in: Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai, Beijing, Istanbul, Canada, Bermuda, Ireland, Turks and Caicos, Germany, Panama, Italy, Hawaii, Alaska, Cabo San Lucas and many other locations.