Our Interior Design Portfolio Reveals The Stylish Scope Of Our Experience.

At Allen and James Interior Design, we’re proud of the diversity and dimensions of our interior design portfolio. It speaks to the wide range of talent we draw from daily as well as the impressive pools of imagination that we continually attract to ourselves. This collection of our work is a diary of our amazing decades-long journey of combining our passion for creating unique, interior/exterior spaces with clients’ desires for personal expression in their interior decoration. The empowering of our abilities to make interior design dreams come true with the broadest spectrum of options and design services.

As we love to say, and which will certainly show through our interior design portfolio, we believe creative “matchmaking” between your desires and a world of fresh colors, unique textures and statement furniture pieces is the exciting “art” in the art and science of interior design. You’ll find our portfolio segmented below by Residential, Commercial and Showroom Design visuals. Take time to look through them all; many classic styles are interchangeable from one venue to another. Interior decoration ideas and inspirations can come from a variety of sources!