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Gorgeous Glass


Glass-working dates back thousands of years to 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia. The stunning beauty of glass lends itself well to any décor but with its sleek modernity, it is simply stunning in contemporary design.

Glass can be shaped in a variety of ways, each bringing out the essential beauty of this versatile material in a unique ways.

  • Fused glass – Layers  of thin sheets of glass are stacked, sometimes using varying colors to create patterns. High heat is then applied in a kiln, ultimately fusing the sheets together. This technique is seen most often in dishes, bowls, glass art, tiles and jewelry.
  • Crackle glass – At a specific point in the glass blowing process, the glass is plunged into cold water, creating micro-sized cracks, which are then enhanced as the glass is blown and reheated again bringing beautiful visual texture to the material.
  • Hand-blown glass – Molten glass is collected on a glass blowing pipe, then rolled on a marble slab or sheet of steel to cool slightly. Air is blown through the glass blowing pipe to create a bubble, which in the hands of a skilled craftsman becomes a beautiful object.
  • Kiln-formed glass – Molten glass is poured into a heat resistant mold, then placed in the kiln for firing.
  • Pate de Verre – A unique version of kiln casting in which finely crushed glass is mixed with a binding agent and sometimes colorant. This creates a paste, which is coated onto a mold. When the mold is fired, the result is a hollow piece.

Glass can be elegant or edgy. It works in a variety of design schemes and has been a go to material for centuries. Gorgeous glass windows can set your home apart and add a unique feel to your home.

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