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Designers Allen and James Debut Showroom Design and Product Development During High Point Market


Iconic designers Stephanie James and Patti Allen of High Point interior design firm, Allen and James, announce the debut of the most recent results in the firm’s showroom design, curation and product collaboration services.

“We work to create showrooms and products that are impactful and offer wow to hundreds of dealers and designers,” said Stephanie James, Allen and James.  “Once someone enters one of our showroom designs, it’s got to speak to a global network of people that are shopping many, many other lines. We seek to make our client’s products and presentation unique to the industry.”

One design and curation client of the Allen and James firm is Tomlinson Companies with a 15,000 square foot showroom in High Point, NC. The manufacturer’s showroom receives a makeover with each market including fabrics, accessories, and furnishing designs.

“Because of the broad range of clients, Stephanie and Patti bring an international perspective to the showroom,” said Rod Lambeth, President, Tomlinson Companies. “This culminates in a more focused product presentation to multiple dealers with Wow factors inspired from their vast travels. Their knowledge is extensive; but it is their passion that makes every presentation special.” 

During the fall 2019 High Point Market, the Allen and James designer expertise will be on display at the Tomlinson showroom again.  Custom furnishings by the design duo also will be featured within vignettes throughout the showroom.

“We shop trends and fabrics globally,” said Patti Allen, Allen and James. “This global search is based on the research we do of the history of the company and the demographics of its customers.”

The historical element of the process can take on varied importance.  Owned by the Lambeth family, Tomlinson is a 120-year-old company that maintains historical archives of the company’s furnishing and fabric designs. From these archives, James pulls inspiration for not only products, but fabrics as well.  “We seek with every year to set a high standard within the presentation backing up the fact that the client is a leader in fabrics and design,” says James. “From the archives, I pull inspiration for the initial designs while enhancing the pitch and scale to fit today’s comfort.”

For showrooms like Tomlinson, multiple companies and brands are often a part of the design considerations.  Inside the Tomlinson High Point showroom, a trio of furnishing brands are presented including Directional, Carter and the Tomlinson Companies.  The Allen and James works to keep a consistency across brands while maintaining the individual story of each.  The process can take up to six months to create designs and the curation of the entire showroom.

“The complete team of Tomlinson is one of the best in the industry,” said James. “Starting in the factory and moving up to the owners and family the quality and heart of every piece of furniture can compare to none. We diligently shop all fabrics, consult over every design and give each client the opportunity to display complete detailing, comfort and quality.”

For more information about the Allen and James High Point Showroom and product design services, contact customerservice@allenandjames.com or phone 336-886-3333