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While our clients were in the process of determining finishes and textures, from cabinetry to flooring to counter tops, they visited Allen & James to work on the interior design. They brought information about the room sizes and how they envisioned the lay-outs. They had contemporary tastes gravitated toward leather and angles; she was drawn toward softer fabrics and curves that occasionally boarded on traditional. They both agreed that Allen & James would help them select furnishings, fabrics and textures which would result in a contemporary home with warm elements so that the home was beautiful, comfortable and welcoming and reflect both their aesthetics. They expected Patti and Stephanie to push their thinking about possibilities, explain the reasons for my recommendations, and be perfectly honest with them about their suggestions. Yes, they expected us to be frank and occasionally say, “I don’t like that.” And, they would often refrain from giving me their suggestions intentionally so they could benefit from Allen & James extensive design experience. The photographs in the slideshow illustrate a client and designer commitment that has spanned almost six years. The clients made three trips to work with Allen & James at Furnitureland South and in between there were numerous phone calls, shipments of fabric and drape samples, photos of furniture and rooms, emails and texts that often started with “Can you talk?” The slideshow visualizes the story of our clients search for beauty and art in each piece of furniture, in each room and within the house as a whole. Observe the setting, colors, and placement and feel the artistic qualities that flow effortlessly. Theirs is the home of the one percent who innately understood our relationship would be ongoing from my guiding them to wall color selection to introducing them to manufacturers whose designs were reflected in exceptional pieces which served both function and statement. The range of decisions went far beyond furniture because the selections were always benchmarked against the total look and “feel” of the home. Most recently our client reflected “I know I needed time (from you). When someone gives me extended time, they end up working with me over time.” Allen & James continue to give our clients the time, thought, and consideration which meet their upscale design standards as well as ours.

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