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Making every space and any room a stage all its own

Have you ever had a challenge of making a small space, or even an untypically-built space, work as a living or office area? Most people find that a daunting prospect. Space planning designers, however, have the unique ability to visualize how to conquer space issues, through an acute awareness of scale and proportion. We immediately see the areas that can be made to suggest roominess and we can even create extra room through use of unique furniture options. 


We realize that the space itself is much more important than the size of the area. Staging creates the look and feel of a fashionably styled and accented room, even when no one lives there. It’s used mostly in the real estate industry, when agents want to offer a more finished look for potential buyers who may need a nudge in picturing how fabulous a living area can be. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call.